Eric Berg
Washington County Court-at-Law
He served as assistant county attorney and first district attorney prior to being appointed interim court at law judge by the Washington County Commissioners Court and then being elected to the position in 2016.

"I sincerely appreciate the confidence shown in me by the Republican Party when they nominated me to be their candidate, by the commissioners court when they appointed me to serve as the interim judge, and most of all, by Washington County voters when they elected me to this position in 2016," said Berg.

"I aspire every day to serve the community to the best of my ability and give them a court in which they can have pride and confidence.

"The courtroom is a place where people bring their disputes to be resolved. The nature of the position and the issues put before the court dictate that neither judge nor jury can please everyone. As judge, I strive to apply the law fairly, consistently and sensibly while treating all parties with dignity and respect.

"Our goal is to give everyone their day in court, and that it be a fair opportunity to be heard.

"I have found the position to be very challenging and extremely rewarding. I work hard to apply my education, my experience and common sense to the issues presented to the court.

"I love serving in this position and I learn something every single day. I sincerely hope that I have met - and exceeded - people's expectations, and I will continue to work hard to do so.

"I am honored to be serving our community in this role, and I am asking for the privilege to continue serving Washington County as judge of the county court at law."