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The December meeting of the SREC in Austion is where the Propositions on the March ballot came from.  The following blog explains some reasoning behind the resolutions.  The second blog by Candy Noble explains what the purpose of these resolutions are.

Mark Ramsey SREC SD7
Proposition 1: Texas should replace the property tax system with an alternative other than an income tax and require voter approval to increase the overall tax burden.
This proposition started as saying we should "reform" the property tax system, and before passage was amended almost unanimously to read "replace" the property tax system due to the fact that you can lose your property if you cannot pay your property taxes. In many cases homes are paid for but the tax payments alone exceed the original mortgage payments. This slams those on fixed retirement incomes and sometimes even forces elderly out of their homes. This is NOT sustainable, nor even a moral tax system, and needs to be changed. VOTE YES!
Proposition 2:
Texas cities and counties should be required to comply with federal immigration laws or be penalized by loss of state funds. This is a clear shot across the bow to send a message to mayors and legislators alike that "sanctuary cities" like Houston and San Antonio, that essentially provide safe harbor to those here illegally, will not be tolerated. Unless you LIKE the idea of such sanctuary cities, VOTE YES!
Proposition 3:
Texas should prohibit governmental entities from collecting dues for labor unions through deductions from the public employee paychecks.
This proposition was promoted by the Republican Party of Texas when it was learned that the Texas government essentially collects union dues, a portion of which then goes into Democratic campaign coffers. This is a no-brainer. All conservatives should clearly VOTE YES!
Proposition 4:
Texas and its citizens should strongly assert 10th Amendment Rights guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution which states "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people."
This is the best resolution to come down the pike in several election cycles. It instructs the Texas government and people to resist the illegal intrusions and power grabs by the federal government at every turn. ALL GOVERNMENT functions not "enumerated" in the Constitution are explicitly reserved TO THE STATES by the 10th Amendment. For over a million Texas Republican Primary voters, they will have the opportunity to actually read the text of the 10th Amendment itself for the first time. VOTE YES!
[Editor note: Mr. Ramsey is chair of the State Republican Executive Committee Resolutions Committee, and represents Senate District 7.]

Candy Noble SREC SD8

The most interesting thing we worked on this weekend - and most controversial-were the "Ballot Initiatives." As you will recall, during primary years the State Party asks Republican voters their opinions on matters that will come before the legislature.  This gives those in office a feel for the will of the voters.  These are not legislation, nor policy.  Instead, they are sort of a poll of Republican voters, and in the past they have dealt only with legislative priority issues.  The Resolutions Committee had 52 Resolutions or Propositions that they considered, and the full SREC agreed to place the following four on the ballot: (I'm going to do a disclaimer here:   there were a lot of revisions that happened on the floor, so my wording might not be identical to what you see on the ballot.  I did do my best to keep up.)