1978 - Attended Sam Houston State University - Major - Criminal Justice
1978 - Employed by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice - Institutional Division -      3 years
1981-1994 - Texas State Trooper - 13 years

1994-2009 - Texas Ranger Sergeant - 15 years

2009-2012 - Criminal Investigator, 21st Judicial District Attorney's Office - Burleson and Washington Counties, 3 years

2013- Present - Washington County Sheriff - 3 years

Holds Master Peace Officer License

Total years - Law Enforcement - (Excluding T.D.C.) 34

Conducted criminal and special investigations in concert with the F.B.I., Secret Service, A.T.F., D.E.A., Immigration and Customs Enforcement, U.S. Marshals, U.S. Customs, U.S. Border Patrol, Federal Bureau of Prisons, Texas Highway Patrol, Texas Alcohol Beverage Commission, Texas Attorney General's Office, Texas Parks and Wildlife, Texas Child Protective Services, M.H.M.R., Texas Health and Human Services, Texas Department of Insurance, Texas Lottery Commission, Texas Department of Transportation, Texas Racing Commission, Secretary of State, Texas Youth Commission, Texas Juvenile and Adult Probation Services, Texas Board of Pardons and Parole, Texas Department of Criminal Justice Institutional Division, and assisted in hundreds of investigations with numerous Sheriffs and Sheriff's Investigators, Police Chiefs and Investigators, and Constables across the State and Country.

Investigated prison and jail escapes, prison escapes involving the death of inmates and prison guards, suicides, kidnappings, sexual assaults, arsons, murders, capital murders, briberies, robberies, extortions, burglaries, drug cases, custodial deaths, civil rights violations, bank robberies, theft, public corruption, identification theft, organized crime, aircraft crashes, prison riots, terroristic threats, threats to public officials, officer involved shootings and many others.

**        Executive Security-Protective Detail - George W. Bush Presidential Campaign. National Security-Protective Detail 1999-2000 and have provided Executive Security for in state and out of State dignitaries for over 15 years.


Graduate of the National Sheriff's Institute - Attended, new supervisor training, Management and Supervision, Incident Command training, Homeland Security and Terrorism, Advanced Accident Investigation, Reconstruction, and Courtroom Testimony, Officer Survival training, Practical and Advanced Homicide and Sexual Assault Investigation, Domestic Violence training, Death Scene training, Advanced Level Kinesics Interview and Interrogation - levels 1, 2 and 3, Suicide Detection and Prevention - County Jails, Advanced Police Photography, Bloodstain Pattern Interpretation, Computerized Crime Scene Drawing, Commercial Vehicle Drug Interdiction, and more.

Sheriff Hanak, the 27th Sheriff of Washington County, oversees daily operations at the Washington County Sheriff's Office, which is responsible for over 600 square miles, employees over 60 employees that include 12 patrol deputies, 4 patrol Sergeants, and 4 Criminal Investigators.  He is responsible for all operations of the jail which houses between 80-100 prisoners a day.

Otto H. Hanak